Wednesday, July 11, 2012

To tan or not to tan? @

The official first debate is up at the online community Fashion Debate. Every fortnight a new debate will be discussed on the Facebook page, fashion debate, as well as covering the latest fashion from all over!

This fortnights topic is the ever controversial. Personally I am not a user, fortunate as some see I have that natural olive tone thanks to my Italian heritage so I find no need to use it. I do think that fake tans to have a bad rep from those user who are yet to master the skill of exfloliating and even layering and not to mention the choice of colouring the are wanting to be, oompa loopma ring a bell? But isn't it just time for people to realise that what colour your skin is is what colour your skin is? Who actually cares?  Is there actually people out there that walk down the street and see a more paler skin toned person and criticises them for it? 

Let me and the rest off the fashion community know what you think about this topic? Or have some tips out there for fellow users? Log on and like our page @

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